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Paul C Pinkney

I can see you're really passionate about this...I'm really glad you're here.

— Charlie Ergen, President, Chairman & CEO, DISH Network, when presented with my new "Carbon" Hopper experience concepts for the first time

Paul, that was excellent. You not only got the green light to go forward, but you got a "I'm really glad you're here." [from Charlie Ergen] I've worked for the man for 16 years, and I never got, "I'm really glad you're here."

— Dave Shull, Former Chief Commercial Officer, DISH Network, after Charlie was presented with the new Hopper experience concepts

We brought Paul in to create a user experience practice at DISH. His first project was to completely revamp the user experience for our flagship Hopper product. This was no easy task as the Hopper had won numerous awards and many people didn't think the user interface needed to change. Not only did Paul create the next gen user interface vision, but he had to sell his vision (and the important of UX design) internally across multiple levels of management. Paul's expertise in user experience, visual, and information design enabled him to successfully do so and manage all aspects of the new design to create a best in class experience. Without him, this project would have been a failure and we were lucky to have him leading such an important initiative.

— Jimshade Chaudhari, Product Marketing & Management Executive, DISH Network

I get this.

— Joe Clayton, Former CEO, DISH Network, when presented with new Hopper experience concepts for the first time—just about the best accolade a UX designer can receive. Rest in peace, Joe.

Your stuff just makes sense.

— Rajat Bhargava, Former CEO, StillSecure

I've had the good fortune of working with many talented and dedicated professionals throughout my career, but Paul stands out as one of the best I've known. I worked for Paul for almost four years which gave me ample opportunity to observe his work and also his personal and professional character. A few things come to mind that I'd like readers to understand about Paul.

The first is what I would call his professional imagination, paired with an extensive knowledge and grasp of UX and Human Factors. He thinks about everything, taking nothing for granted, maneuvers it in his mind, playfully, creatively, and applies it to his ongoing knowledge of our world and its human, as well as technological, needs. He has a technician's command accompanied by a liberal arts orientation.

Paul is also a comfortable person in all respects, with himself, and with those around him. This is a natural attribute; not everyone has it. It's an enormous factor in the kind of work we do, and a large factor in why he is so good at crafting and articulating it.

Lastly, Paul is one of "nature's true gentlemen," a phrase I would bestow on only those deserving. His peers, supervisors and direct reports both respected and liked him. His genuineness was its own reward, but this quality goes right to the heart of defining a true leader who cares about the work he does, and with the ease in which he inspires those who work for him. It's my privilege to give Paul my highest endorsement.

— Glenn Whitmore, Senior User Experience Designer, DISH Network

There was a very strong sense that DISH is evolving as a brand. DISH was recognized for becoming "classier" as well as reflecting what customers expect to see in a contemporary TV interface. A sense of excitement was palpable...

— David Chill, Marketing & Consumer Insights Researcher, in final Hopper "Carbon" user-experience concept testing report, 2014.

This is more user-friendly, more modern and shows more pride in ownership on DISH's part.

I used to think DISH was a cheaper version of DirecTV—this changes that!

They're trying to help customers have a better experience.

Even a small child could pick what they want.

The old one seems ancient compared to this!

A big jump for DISH...this really improves things for me.

This is so much cleaner; it's pretty different from the current Hopper.

This seems more personalized and offers more variety than Comcast.

— User-testing participants (existing DISH Hopper customers) when presented with my redesigned Hopper "Carbon" concepts

I'm a major fan of the DISH Hopper 3 and it's brand new interface.

— John Brandon, Contributing editor,, after reviewing my redesigned Hopper "Carbon" user interface

Paul is one of the most talented user interface designers I've had the pleasure of working with. Paul has the unique skills of both leading and performing user centered design work, and the technical acumen to implement much of the design. Never letting the technology overshadow the importance of the end user, Paul is constantly innovating to create task based user interface designs, and new interaction controls that make products easy to use. He is self motivated, naturally collaborative and a pleasure to work with. Paul was responsible for the complete redesign of the Safe Access user interface to support advanced enterprise capabilities. The new product was extremely well received by customers, continues to win awards, and is the leading NAC product in the network security industry.

— Mitchell Ashley, Former CTO, StillSecure

Paul is an expert in both User Experience (UX) and User Interface (UI) design and implementation. Paul leverages an exceptional methodology to identify and implement solutions which streamlines and improves the customer experience. Paul is extremely capable while working in difficult scenarios with tight timelines.

Paul's ability to effectively communicate from a user perspective while providing technical requirements is exceptional. Paul presents award winning user interfaces and experiences. His ability to clearly communicate designs while providing the supporting information, appropriate for the audience, enables Paul to quickly and effectively gain buy-in and support.

Paul has a great understanding of the development methodologies and processes needed to support the implementation of design. His ability to work effectively and collaboratively with groups ensures delivery in the most strategic manner.

Paul is one of the best UX/UI designers and engineers that I have ever worked with. He is an asset to any company or group that he works with and instantly improves the customer interaction. I would be fortunate to be able to work with Paul again and he sets a high bar in UX/UI design. Paul's portfolio and awards speak for themselves. In addition to his proven skillset he is a pleasure to work with.

— Jason Bohl, Former Project Manager, DISH Network

Paul is the best UI designer I've had the pleasure of working with. Not only was he effective in asking the right questions and steering discussions during engineering/design meetings, but his efforts really paid off. On multiple occasions, I had customers comment on the excellent and intuitive UI of the product. One customer even suggested that he was going to use our product to show another vendor what a good UI looked like. Thanks, Paul, for making the rest of us look good!

— Lenore Tumey, Former Sr. Security Engineer, StillSecure

I worked with Paul on the same project at StillSecure. Paul is a User Experience expert which makes him one the most valuable of commodities in application development, because not only can he code up anything, he implicitly understands how to architect and develop the right thing. Paul is like an encyclopedia of browser compatibility issues and work-arounds. If there is something he doesn't know, he knows where and how to find it. Paul has worked in as the Lead User Experience Designer for StillSecure for some time and is a domain expert, but his interpersonal skills and communication style and overall general intelligence would make him an asset in any business domain. Paul is interesting and an enthusiastic person with a great sense of humor. I would enjoy having him on my project team again.

— Carolyn Ford, Former Quality Analyst, StillSecure

I worked with Paul for over five years, and he is the best UX person I've ever worked with. From 90% functional prototypes to getting from-scratch designs right the first time, Paul never failed to nail it.

— Brad Doctor, Former Director of Research, StillSecure

Paul is the most talented User Interface Designer that I have ever worked with in my Product Management career. His ability to understand the domain of the underlying application and key customer experience issues is unparalleled. Paul is an incredibly dedicated and hard working individual. I hope that at some point I have the pleasure of working with Paul again.

— Wayne Morrissey, Former Product Manager, StillSecure

I just like hanging out in your app.

— StillSecure customer who found our network access control product so pleasurable to use, he simply enjoyed browsing and discovering insights in his network's security data

Any UI designer can make pretty buttons. Sure, any UI designer can make something look fantastic. But does it work? Is it not only easy to use but intuitive? Paul has the quality that is the crux of the ultimate UI designer: He gets "it." He has a grasp on the fundamental issue with UI design, that is it's a human problem, not a computer problem. He understands that a person's workflow determines how a product will be used, and that the product must be tuned for this. While working with him, I witnessed his skill in being able to simplify a complex UI for the product we were working on. Not only simplify, but strive for it to be intuitive as well. In addition, I thoroughly enjoyed working with Paul. Not only would I work with him again, I look forward to the day when we can.

— Todd Lawall, Former Principal Test Engineer, StillSecure

Paul is valuable asset on many levels. He understands what the user needs and has the skills and knowledge to implement it in the designs he creates. He is thorough, open minded, and has excellent writing skills—uncommon in an engineering department. The contextual help he created enabled me to understand the products and complete my documentation tasks quickly. Paul has excellent communication skills and is always professional and tactful. I've seen this "grace under fire" demeanor on many occasions during design meetings where disagreements can happen over engineering schedules vs. usability. Paul maintains the flow of information between the teams while never losing sight of the end-user's needs. I would welcome any opportunity to work with Paul again.